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We are Clean. We are Safe.


Your health is our first priority. We are considered a safe and clean establishment by Turismo de Portugal, the official Tourism Office in Portugal. This means we follow all the health and safety protocols recommended by the DGS (Portuguese Health Authority) to protect our guests and our employees.



We believe our surfcamp is perfect during the pandemic compared to hotels and other set-ups because:

  • A Small surfcamp with plenty of space: we have adjusted the size of our surfcamp to the current situation, all surf lessons and activities are done in small groups.
  • Outdoor living: we are not confined indoors and are surrounded by wide green fields and a long beach. It ́s very easy to keep our distances and enjoy nature.
  • No crowds in the water: neither on the beach or in our surfcamp. The camping park has private access to the beach, we are the only surfers there and the wild beach is very long with a lot of space
  • Private tents: You have your private tent that has been sanitised before your arrival, no one else has access to the tent during your stay.
  • No sharing: you receive your plates, cutlery and cups at check-in duly sanitised, and you keep them during your entire stay, no sharing
  • Professional kitchen: All meals (breakfast and dinner) are freshly made by professionals in a professional kitchen respecting all hygiene measures
  • Spaced out tables: we have several tables and bench around the surfcamp that you can use to have your meals, again a lot of space for everyone
  • Sanitised surf gear: all the surf gear is sanitised after use, you will get your own wetsuit that you keep for your entire stay, here again no sharing
  • Private access: the surf camp has been closed throughout the winter and only opens at the end of June along with the campsite that it resides on. Access is only granted to those who have made reservations and therefore the local public doesn´t have access the beach or the campsite.
  • Untouched equipment: all our equipment has been locked up, protected and untouched since before the arrival of COVID19 in Portugal. This includes all tents, mattresses, surfboards, wetsuits etc. All equipment will be disinfected prior to use and will continue to be disinfected in accordance with the DGS health and safety guidelines


We monitor our crew's temperature and health on a daily basis

Our crew wears all the recommended personal protective equipment (PPE)

Our team washes/ desinfects hands with soap or alcohol before and after each activity

We sanitise all equipment regularly and in between use including surf gear, tents, van, etc.

We keep social distancing and organise our activities in small groups


I surf Portugal has put together a contingency plan and implemented a long list of procedures for its employees and guests to prevent and minimise the spread of the virus, below are some of them:                       

  • Frequent hand washing
  • Respiratory etiquette
  • Social contact procedures with social distancing of two meters
  • Twice daily measurement and recording of the temperature of the crew to determine fever
  • Personal Protection Equipment for all our employees
  • Single-use cleaning material such as disinfectant wipes, bleach, 70% alcohol sanitiser
  • Disinfection of common areas. All surfaces where people, employees, and clients have contact with a regularly washed and disinfected multiple times a day in accordance with the DGS protocol
  • Preference is given to damp cleaning rather than dusting or vacuuming
  • Surf gear: a wetsuit is attributed on the day of the first surf lesson to each guest who will keep it for the entire week. At the end of each week, wetsuits are disinfected with a detergent that kills bacteria and viruses.
  • Surfboards are sanitised after each use
  • The washing of bed linen is done externally by a commissioned supplier at a minimum of 60ºC
  • There is a place to isolate suspected or infected people with COVID19 with appropriate ventilation prior to transfer away from the camp.

We want to make sure you are safe and have a great time without worrying about Covid during your holidays so we implemented all the measures recommended by the Portuguese Health authority and Turismo de Portugal to prevent and contain the spread of the virus. It can look a bit over the top sometimes but we decided that would be the best way to handle the situation for everyone's health & safety.


Wash and desinfect your hands several times a day, before and after your activity

Wear a mask in closed spaces including inside our van

Keep social distance as much as physically possible of 2 m

Always cough or sneeze in a paper tissue or your elbow and disinfect straight after

Tell us beforehand if you are not feeling well and please do not come for eveyone's safety


We understand there is a lot of uncertainty at the moment and many of you still want to get away and can ́t wait to surf but are not sure about flights and border restrictions. That ́s why during the pandemic we have put in place a special booking offer: Book now and pay later! This offer enables you to book your holiday or surf lessons to secure your spot but only pay a small deposit of 50€ (if the total cost is over 100€). You can then finalise your booking a couple of weeks before arrival once you are sure you are coming.

If you have already booked your holiday with us and need to cancel, please get in touch with us if we haven ́t already contacted you. We have also adjusted our cancellation policy based on the new Portuguese Voucher Scheme law. You will get a voucher for 100% of your deposit even if you cancel less than 30 days before arrival.